Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers – one of the timeless mainstays of the wedding ceremony, something everyone who has ever been to a wedding can recall, long after the big day itself. Was it those divine blush roses the bride carried, or those trailing tendrils of jasmine draped around the entrance arch, or those spires of delphiniums placed so carefully in the Church window that filtered pale blue light onto the floor?

Flowers have an extraordinary way of prompting memories, and the flowers you choose for your wedding day will stay in your mind’s eye always. Flowers have been carried by brides since Roman times, but it was during the Victorian era that flowers became part of the wedding bouquet we know today. Queen Victoria popularised the idea by carrying a tiny posy of flowers in a filigree holder, with the sweet little name of a ”tussie-mussie”. She also wore Myrtle in her hair, and each Royal bride since that time has also carried Myrtle in their bouquet. Each flower in Victorian times had a different meaning, and their exchange became a popular way of signalling romantic love. Brides chose the flowers they carried very carefully, as these became her ”signature” flowers for the rest of her life.

These days, brides are not limited to these restrictive ways, and are free to choose blooms they love as an expression of individual style and personality, and to complement their bridal gown.

Choosing locally grown, seasonal flowers is something that more and more brides are keen to do. It is more Earth friendly, as the flowers have not travelled half way around the world, and most couples these days are more comfortable knowing their flowers have a very small, local carbon footprint. Also, freshly harvested flowers from your nearest flower farm are most likely far more in keeping with your venue. With so many stunning wedding venues in Cornwall, seasonal flowers grown a stone’s throw away will complement that perfect Cornish beach wedding location, or intimate period country house or barn, in a way that stiff cookie cutter roses from Ecuador never could.

So when choosing your wedding flowers, remember to look to your dress style, to your venue surroundings and its history, and to your Cornish location, for inspiration that will truly reflect who you are. Those memories of your flowers will be precious.

Sending flowery love

Adele and Catherine x