Table Styling using Cornish Flowers

Cornish Flowers on a Table

With the last May Bank Holiday approaching it seems that this week we are all planning some outdoor get togethers with family and friends. After a chilly start to May, the temperatures are rising and we cannot wait to get the tablecloths out, lay the tables with nibbles and glasses of something sparkling, and play some summer tunes! A simple way to add colour and fragrance to your outdoor party space is with simple table styling using Cornish flowers.

Seasonal flowers that are blooming this month will look natural, floaty and far less rigid than those you can pick up from the supermarket. Quintessential late May/early June flowers are Ammi (shown in the photo above), Nigella (a great pop of true blue), Sweet William, Sweet Rocket, Foxgloves, Lilacs, and of course, the beautiful Peony, everyone’s favourite!

With such natural beauty, it’s not hard at all to create a lovely table display, without too much effort – letting the flowers twist and turn as their stems dictate. Here are some Cornish Flower Patch tips to get you started:


  • 1) Relax and enjoy the process! Don’t stress over layouts, colours, etc, just gather what you have, ensure your vessels are scrupulously clean, and remove leaves that might sit below the water line. Cut your stems at an angle to let them drink as you place each stem.
  • 2) Think about heights. If your gathering is a buffet type event, add stems at varying heights. This adds interest to the eye, and draws your guests along the table. If you are seated, make your arrangements no more than 17 cm – you can’t be bobbing up and down to chat to the person sat opposite you!
  • 3) Remember some foliage – don’t cram your vessels full of just flowers, remember to add some greenery. This helps your flowers have more impact by giving them space to shine.
  • 4) Day to night – did you know that scented flowers give more perfume by night? This will fill your party area with night time atmosphere. Add white flowers! White flowers practically glow by night – their luminosity glows as dusk falls, when darker flower colours recede.
  • 5) Caring for your arrangements- keep your flowers in the dark and cool until you are party-ready. As your guests arrive, place them on the tables. That way, they will be fresh for the duration, and your guests will be wowed by your thoughtful hosting skills!

If you try out our tips this Summer, do let us know how you get along, we’d love to see what you create! Enjoy your Bank Holiday, whatever your plans, we’ll be back with more ideas next month,

Adele and Catherine x